Baby Bloopers

Who doesn’t like a collection of humorous toddler quotes? Pulling out the good ole’ quote book for this post…

It’s so important for parents too laugh. I want my kids to remember me laughing at everyone’s silliness, {and even joining in!} more than they remember me grumpy or serious… I’ve been blessed with two girls who find themselves QUITE humorous. Already. I’ve got lots of laughing ahead of me!

“Hailee, don’t do that, that’s bad manners!”
“Mama! I’m NOT manners, I’m your Hailee!”
Leaving for a daddy-daughter date, she turns to tell me {mom}
“I love you so much on a date!”
That’s what we tell her when we ditch her to go on a date.
I guess she was reminding me I was the one getting to stay home this time. Jealous!

“I have a braisin’ up-in-my-dermis!”
“I have an abrasion on my epidermis.”
{A.K.A. your fathers way of telling you don’t have an owie, so you don’t need to cry. After all it’s just a “braisin”.}
Hailee sings along with Matt Redman…
“Oh NO! You never let go! Through the calm and through the storm!
Oh NO! YOU never let go! Through every high and every Lowe’s!”
When 1 year old Claire-Roo was LOVING her spaghetti, her OCD big sis Hailee about had a heart attack!
With tears in her eyes she frantically tells me
“Oh MAMA! My sister is TOO RED!”

“Mama! You’re crazy in the face!”
{Apparently this is what a 2 year old hears every time David’s tells me I’m going crazy in the head!}
“I’m awka bass! Awka bass!”
{2 year old version of that song that gets stuck in everyone’s head…. “All about the bass”}
Annnnd we’re back to only Christian Radio. Ever.
{David to Hailee}
“Hailee! You’re such a fart smeller!” {<smart feller….}
“Sniiiiiiiffffff! Oh yeah! I smell it Dad!”
Post dinner Hailee folds her hands, looks up at us and politely states
“And I’ll have a cup of your bold roast please.”
Wait. Is this Starbucks?
“Jesus Loves Me, that’s just how we roll!”
I could see this becoming a new kids rock song!
“What we gonna do when we get there mama?”
“When we get where?”
{apparently this was an obvious train of thought!}
“Oh well, if you die, and you love Jesus, you get to go live in heaven and sing songs to Him forever.”
“Oh yeah! That sounds good Mom! And I’m gonna kiss JESUS!!!!! Sooooo excited!”
This kid is more eternity minded than most adults I know. She keeps reminding me!
When you hear
“Sister! Be still! I NEED to measure you!”
Every good mama knows to grab the camera QUICK and RUN!

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