Claire is 1!

Claire Ruth!

You sure didn’t get my permission to have a birthday today!

You probably got permission from Dad, he loves watching you girls grow up! So do I but sometimes I get all nostalgic and want this back…

C at FB

But then I look at THIS gorgeous face!



I love having the privilege of watching you grow up.

You’re so precious and I long to see what sort of character you’ll grow into.

So far you’re more like your dad than you are like me.

Which brings a little more balance on the emotional scale.

Dad really appreciates that!


As I look at these photos, I admire the baby cheeks, the thick feet, the big, bald head, the one little tear you get, the clumsy but deliberate steps you take around the yard…


This tear. Over having to be done with the piano!

I smile. I think how blessed am I to have you in my life! How fortunate am I to know you from your very beginnings. I am so excited for the day when you are older.

I think I’ll admire everything about you.

And that I’ll cherish you even more then than I do now. (Somethow!)

Happy birthday precious Claire Ruth. We all love you a LOT!