Do I Stop…

As I sit my mind begins to wander…

These are the eternal a mothers heart must always ponder.

“Do I do as I should?”

{Or worse yet}

“As another mother would?!”

Sometimes what truly matters gets lost in this life,

{Something so dear}

Can get buried under all our busyness and strife.


Do I go about my day too intent on checking off a list of things to do?

Those tasks that seem they MUST NOT wait!

Or do I stop.

Make time to play…

Realize that this very day,

Even this hour, is unique unto itself…

Tomorrow morning all may have changed!

I must not let this time slip away!


Our little ones are important.

Who needs to mop…

Their souls are eternal.

Dishes are not!

There should never arise such a menial task

To demand my attention more than this-

My  baby’s hearts are going to last!


So much to show you, dear.

More L-O-V-E than I can ever say.

Moments to feel, Smiles to share….

How DARE I let my attention stray!

It is my duty  to love you as my Father does.

To teach you the way;

To show you His never tiring love.


It is time to stop.

Time to realize what matters and what does not!

To kiss your soft cheeks,

and  dance to your favorite beat.

To hold your small hand,

and wipe your little nose while I can.

To tend to your heart,

and pray in the dark.

Time to let my mind stop

and allow my heart to play its part.

To my two favorite girls, Hailee Bug and Claire-Roo.


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