Encouraging a Frustrated Mama’s Heart

I know most mothers (and fathers!) would agree with the thought that it is good for the children when parents read to them. I then wonder how many of those people have experienced what I did today- when it was good for ME when I read to my child. Here’s how it went…


I sat down to read to my baby before her afternoon nap… (Today she wanted to read all her books about elephants. New phase I guess!) This came at the tail end of a less than lovely morning.  I was not feeling proud of my attitude and several things I had said were not my best.

She played a fair role in all of our problems. But being the mama, of course I am at fault.

Her second elephant book of choice was a favorite of mine- the adorable book “Pete & Pickles“.

Pete is a perfectly practical and uncomplicated pig. Before his life is turned “upside down” by an exuberant elephant named Pickles.


– Not sure how many of you have read it, but I highly recommend it. –

— I have several quite reliable mama’s backing me on this recommendation. Trust us. Read it! —

Every time I read this book, something new stands out to me. And today it was the most fitting thing I could have read. I guess she knew we would both love elephant books today!

Here is the main quote that was just what we needed.

“And at the terrible moment, what occurred to Pete was not how his life had become so unpredictable, so unpractical… And so completely complicated with Pickles.

No. What occurred to Pete was his life without her.”


What a good reminder.

Before my babies were here I dreamed of having them. Now that I have them I can get so lost and overwhelmed with all I do with and for them. But with this, I am reminded of how simple (simply boring) life was before.

This reminds me, how their delightful little, girly, joyous spirits brings me happiness. And laughter.

I am reminded that my job in life now is to care for and love this little child of God.

How everything I do and say to her,  I do and say to Him.

I pushed through the end of the book.

After naps, our day went much smoother. We were refreshed. There were plenty of smiles, kissing ample little cheeks, and giggles had by all!

I am focusing on doing everything I do for the glory of the One who created me. But ESPECIALLY with my daughters.

He loves them more than I ever will. Which is a whole awful lot!!!!!


Love my babies! If anyone else has had days like I have in this past week, I hope this helps end your week smoothly.

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