Baby Bloopers

Who doesn’t like a collection of humorous toddler quotes? Pulling out the good ole’ quote book for this post… It’s so important for parents too laugh. I want my kids to remember me laughing at everyone’s silliness, {and even joining in!} more than they remember me grumpy or serious… I’ve been blessed with two girls who find … [Read more…]

September 2014 Photo-a-day

This is my September 2014, photo a day blog. The 2nd half of the month is where my favorites are! Feel free to skip ahead to those… I decided to dedicate this month to taking one picture a day. On my real camera. With as little interruption to the kids natural play as possible. At a … [Read more…]

Claire is 1!

Claire Ruth! You sure didn’t get my permission to have a birthday today! You probably got permission from Dad, he loves watching you girls grow up! So do I but sometimes I get all nostalgic and want this back… But then I look at THIS gorgeous face!

A Life Giving Breeze

“The Bible and biblical truth blew through every conversation- not with stifling heat, but like a refreshing, life giving breeze.” –Tedd Tripp Too often as a child, I wondered why I was watching others raised in Christian families, rebel against the fundamentals taught. Now as I am working to teach my own young girls, I … [Read more…]

Encouraging a Frustrated Mama’s Heart

I know most mothers (and fathers!) would agree with the thought that it is good for the children when parents read to them. I then wonder how many of those people have experienced what I did today- when it was good for ME when I read to my child. Here’s how it went…

Do I Stop…

As I sit my mind begins to wander… These are the eternal a mothers heart must always ponder. “Do I do as I should?” {Or worse yet} “As another mother would?!” Sometimes what truly matters gets lost in this life, {Something so dear} Can get buried under all our busyness and strife.