A Day of Harvesting Basil and Purposefully Unpurposeful Parenting

I wrote this to remind my self of all the ways the perfect day can happen. And just how easy it can be if I simply stop TRYING to make the perfect day happen. May I always do my job well and provide her with the room to grow as she pleases!


I only just read the name for what happened here this morning, last night: “Slow Parenting”.

At first I thought it was going to be something I didn’t like. “Slow Parenting” lends itself to sounding unlikable, I think!

I tend to think of what happened here today as “Purposefully Unpurposeful Parenting”. And while that may be a mouthful (and possibly grammatically impossible!) I think it describes it so much better than “Slow Parenting”.

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As We Go about Our Day

I am working to find beauty in the simple things.

The precious times a midst the busyness.

I have written plenty about that so I will stop talking and share my heart with a few pictures.

{I recently read a blog post about having your camera set up to take pictures of you in your day to day lives with your kids… I loved the idea and here’s our result!}


{A test picture}

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Focused Toddler Projects

The following is a list of quiet, indoor, rainy or sick day activities for kids ages 0-2…

Some may seem obvious. Too obvious maybe! But I know those days… Those days where you are so BRAIN DEAD that you cannot think of even the simplest thing to entertain them with. So you turn to the TV… Well. This is here for me (and you!) to hopefully help bring ideas to mind more quickly and relieve a little stress!

I have another reason for this list. Slightly more complicated.

(So stay with me!)

I am a firm believer in teaching my kids how to focus.

(Yes. Teaching! I don’t think this comes naturally… At least not always. Especially not for very energetic, rambunctious, early movers like my girl, Hailee!)

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I hope I will always be “That Mama”

(Back from June 2013!)
As I am now nearly half way through my second pregnancy I have been… Reminiscing. Which might sound ridiculous, seeing as how my Hailee is only 12 months old, but it is already becoming so apparent to me that times are flying by!!!
The things that she doesn’t know she does during that day that just make me stop in my tracks, think gosh why is she so dang cute, and smile. The little things I’m worried I am going to be in such a rush that someday I will look back and not remember the tiny things. The things that make each day worth it!
Lately I have spent a little time going through her newborn photos, and today I found this poem that I originally discovered a few weeks before I had her. I decided that this was a good place to save it, in hopes of making it remain in the fore front of my mind even longer.
{Forgive me if I get emotional!}
Mother, O’ Mother, come shake out your cloth,
Empty the dustpan, poison the moth.
Baby kisses