There’s This Awesome Man I Know…

Thanks for marrying me David! Happy birthday, I love you! So excited to be able to celebrate all your birthdays together forever.

Thanks to anyone else who chooses to read this- this counts towards your weekly dose of mushy! ;)


So there’s this awesome man I know…

And who doesn’t want to know when there’s an awesome guy around?

Well I know of one…


He’s handy.  He’s hot.

Just plain good to have around.

Ready to help, and easy to please.

Happy to eat good food,

and hard to bring down.





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I hope I will always be “That Mama”

(Back from June 2013!)
As I am now nearly half way through my second pregnancy I have been… Reminiscing. Which might sound ridiculous, seeing as how my Hailee is only 12 months old, but it is already becoming so apparent to me that times are flying by!!!
The things that she doesn’t know she does during that day that just make me stop in my tracks, think gosh why is she so dang cute, and smile. The little things I’m worried I am going to be in such a rush that someday I will look back and not remember the tiny things. The things that make each day worth it!
Lately I have spent a little time going through her newborn photos, and today I found this poem that I originally discovered a few weeks before I had her. I decided that this was a good place to save it, in hopes of making it remain in the fore front of my mind even longer.
{Forgive me if I get emotional!}
Mother, O’ Mother, come shake out your cloth,
Empty the dustpan, poison the moth.
Baby kisses