Marriage, GOD, and Magic Formulas.

Everywhere I go we talk about marriage lately. I’m reading at least 3 “wife” books right now. The pastor is preaching Ephesians. I’m married. My husband’s married. Most of my friend’s are married… See? It’s an epidemic! ;-) I’ve been itching to sit down and write about it all! But feeling a little intimidated because February will only be my 4th wedding anniversary.


My hope would be in writing this, any other young women who read this can be encouraged and simultaneously challenged. Almost none of this have I come up with through my own experiences, but rather what I feel God has shown me and spoken to me through people I respect. Whether you’re already married, or no where near it, there’s stuff to be considered here.

First, a few quotes from my quote book. (Followed by a recap of how I’m working on this…)

“What shocks me most is the dehumanization of love by young and wholly legal wives who chop and nail down and reduce that powerful force to a technique no different from driving a car… I am appalled by their consumer approach, their concern with management, their ineffectuality as women– sexless, competitive, anxiety -ridden. What has become of joy, and sorrow? Have women no instincts anymore, no mystery or mettle? Must everything be subjected to instruction and manuals, as though love were kind of cooking school?”

“Being in battle together is what keeps us from being at war with each other.”
(Francis Chan. You and Me Forever.)

“A woman who habitually complains against a man is quibbling. Either live with him, and hold your tongue, or act, but don’t harp, unless you really mean to keep from being loved.”

“A woman of GOD does not hope solely in her husband but, (Proverbs 31:25) ‘She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future.’ For she knows of and hopes in her Lords promise to be with her.”
(personal writing…)

“Regardless of how satisfying your marriage is or isn’t, the real issue is how satisfied you are with God. Whether your marriage is full of joy or pain, God’s glory is at stake. Do you need to shift your focus on Him?… There are many, many Christians caught up in their own personal satisfaction, giving no thought to the way in which their lives show a deep satisfaction in God. Where is the willingness to forego a feeling of happiness in our marriage’s for the sake of God’s glory? No, we are clawing for our rights, and forgetting there is something far more immense and cosmic going on.”
(Lisa Chan. You and Me Forever.)
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There’s This Awesome Man I Know…

Thanks for marrying me David! Happy birthday, I love you! So excited to be able to celebrate all your birthdays together forever.

Thanks to anyone else who chooses to read this- this counts towards your weekly dose of mushy! ;)


So there’s this awesome man I know…

And who doesn’t want to know when there’s an awesome guy around?

Well I know of one…


He’s handy.  He’s hot.

Just plain good to have around.

Ready to help, and easy to please.

Happy to eat good food,

and hard to bring down.





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ABC’s Of Getting Married Young

A list of things I’ve learned about being married young. And being married period! The highs and lows. The truths. The “wives tales”. The things people were wrong about… And the things I didn’t expect!

David and I were married 2 months after my 18th birthday and he was 22. (And I wasn’t pregnant… Just in love! Always worth clarifying!) It was the best and sometimes toughest decision I’ve ever made. And soooo worth it!

I am not trying to convince people here that they NEED to get married young, for certainly no one should feel pressured to find a spouse. This is written in support of people who have already chosen to marry young, or might be feeling discouragement from people around them at the prospect of their marrying young. I certainly had some people like that and I enjoy seeing stories that support our decision. So here’s mine!


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