October Meal Plan (with a lot of LINKS!!!!)

This month I’m trying to plan my WHOLE menu out at the beginning. I definitely notice a difference in my budget if I plan it each week so I figure I should get even better return planning out an even bigger chunk right? Maybe! We shall see :-)

wpid-20140805_133714.jpg(ahhhh the work I can accomplish during nap time bliss! Thank you Lord for making babes need LOTS of sleep!)

I got all the way through the last week, which I just finally completed today. I procrastinated a little, but with an “input needed” post to FB, all the slots got filled rather quicly!!! Sometimes I could kiss social media!

I can’t stand hand written sloppy paper though, so I wanted to store it here. I figure once I’ve done this it for a few months, it will be way easier to see what our favorite meals are. (HINT! Favorites are bound to use a LOT of fresh tortillas!)

wpid-img_20141010_003738.jpgWe have very busy Tuesday nights, (10 minutes after the husband gets home to feed him and get the babies in the car and then we aren’t home until 9:30PM after youth group!) so we try to stick with Taco Tuesdays! And on Thursday nights I try to do something in the crock pot or a soup, because we host small group at our house every week… Which normally requires a little bit (or a lot depending on my week!) of extra prep time from me ,and my kiddos have to be able to start dinner right after naps because they’re super pokey eaters! :-) Other than that, it should be mostly normal and I might be able to cycle through it in 3 or 4 months again who knows?! That’d be so handy!


  1. Wed- Beef and broccoli stir fry on brown rice. (+ leftover lunch)
  2. Th- P.W. Chili (x2 for camping meal)
  3. Fri- Date Night! <3
  4. Sat- Spinach, Cheddar and Bacon Quiche, with P.W. potato casserole.
  5. Sun- Chili Dogs (Camping- thursdays chili!)
  6. Mon- Tri-tip, salad and bread
  7. Tues- Sun dried Tomato and Basil marinated Chicken breast with foil wrapped fire pit veggies (camping)
  8. Wed- In-n-Out (camping)
  9. Th- Cheddar and Broccoli Soup with fresh sourdough bread (x2 freezer)
  10. Fri- P.W. Sloppy Joe’s on fresh rolls (x2 freezer)
  11. Sat- Salmon, Brown rice and roasted broccoli
  12. Sun- Pizza and Salad
  13. Mon- Whole oven roasted Chicken with veggies (x2 chicken, freezer)
  14. Tues- Shredded Beef tacos (x2 freezer)
  15. Wed- Chicken Fried Rice (leftover chicken from 13th)
  16. Th- Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup with fresh rolls
  17. Fri- Refried beans and home made tortillas
  18. Sat- Beef and veggies in broth, over pasta
  19. Sun- Steak, veggies on the BBQ and bread
  20. Mon- Sauteed chicken breast, spicy rice
  21. Tues- Refried Beans and home made tortillas
  22. Wed- Spaghetti and Fresh sourdough
  23. Th- Spciy Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork (x2 freezer)
  24. Fri- Quiche and P.W. potatoe casserole
  25. Sat- _____________
  26. Sun- Sweet and Spicy coconut curry on rice *
  27. Mon- Meatballs, sweet poatoes and green beans
  28. Tues- Shredded Chicken tacos and spanish rice
  29. Wed- Freezer meal- loppy Joes and broccoli
  30. Th- Bean Burritos
  31. Fri- P.W. Drip beef *


* means it’s a new meal

P.W. means its from Pioneer Woman, my definite go to trusted meal source!

If you’re interested in any of my recipes, please leave a comment and I’m more than happy to share! I do allow a blank every once in a while for family date nights or a second DATE date night!!! ;-) And it allows room to call a left over night and just feed everyone the leftovers. No cooking…. woohoo!!!!! Anyway. I also adjust for guests…. Like tonight, I’m do the beef and veggies on pasta and saving the broccoli soup for next week when its supposed to cool down. Enjoy!

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