A Life Giving Breeze

{Context: Author Tedd Tripp is describing a home of some friends who are parents of teenagers…}

“The Bible and biblical truth blew through every conversation- not with stifling heat, but like a refreshing, life giving breeze.”

{From Shepherding a Child’s Heart}


Too often as a child, I wondered why I was watching friends who were raised within Christian families, not unlike my own, rebel against the fundamentals we were taught. Now as I am working to teach my own young girls, I read these words. And I just cannot stop thinking about them!


Perhaps, as parents, we can focus on the “do’s” and “don’t’s”  with such strict legalism, and then unknowingly guilt trip our children into “repentance”? Rather than train these tender hearts in way the heart should go???


Especially right now, in the toddler stage, it is so easy to focus on treating external expressions of a wrongful heart. When the root of the wrong doing starts within their heart. We should be teaching our kids to use the words of the Lord properly. To turn to God in trials. Listening to His words, and let them be their relief.

Otherwise it would seem that those same words can become a burdensome load of rules to carry. How sad it would be to teach my girls this wrong perspective!


Oh, if only there was some magical formula to this parenting! My prayer is always that my children would choose to know the Lord. I cannot make that happen. But if I cause one of these little ones to stumble… Woe be it for me!

May I encourage their little hearts to desire to seek refuge in our Lords will for us. Not push them away with legalism!


May they desire to do what is right in Gods eyes, not because it makes their Mama mad when they disobey. Or because Dad says to. Or any other reason based on an imperfect sinner such as their parents…

May their Father in Heaven always have their hearts in His hands!


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