A Weak Week for Mama

This week…. Was rough.

(See facial expression: The Stink Eye!)

(How does she look so stinkin’ cute with such a stink on?!)IMG_3658edit

I told David on Tuesday, it’s so exhausting when he’s gone, having to be the only mature person in the house!

That was on Tuesday. I was exhausted of being mature on TUESDAY! Bad sign!

If you were to place me among most any group of adults, I would never be the most calm person there. Or the most forgiving. Or the most calm, most thoughtful, most calm, most loving, most patient, or most ANYTHING (calm!) person in the room.

But parenting has a way of demanding these things from me. And I can’t say that I did it perfectly, I probably didn’t even do it super well. But I did better. I tried to be better than I naturally am. And that’s what I’m choosing to focus on.


I failed a LOT. I cried a lot. I felt pathetic often. And I felt unsuited for the task… But I literally felt the urge to open my Bible daily… Which is a huge sign of God’s grace, because this is a weak spot in my faith. Thursday my Bible opened to:

“Each time He said, ‘My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.’ That is why I take pleasure in my weaknesses. (etc) For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

2 Corinthians 12:9-10


There were A LOT of dirty, nitty gritty parts to my week. I feel worn, torn and wrung out by naps today but looking back I can’t say there was a single “bad” day.

Each day was emotional with Hailee. Each bed time had its own struggles with each girl. The daily time outs and lessons in sharing are so wearing!

But between all those bummer moments, we experienced love and forgiveness and even a little bit of fun!


There is a lot of strength that is gained when I admit that I am not good enough. That I cannot do it. When I allow God to take over, and show me how He would have me do it. And just try my best. Because usually, if I give up my own instincts and just ask Him to lead, things go pretty well.

I am so glad to have these pictures from this week of learning. Because now looking back, I see such a vast array of emotions. I see beautiful little sweet hearts. I see exhausting needy princesses! ;-) I see a sassy, spunky girl a little too much like her Mama.

And I see happy little girls…. Learning. Playing. Growing. Dancing. And that’s worth it!



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