As We Go about Our Day

I am working to find beauty in the simple things.

The precious times a midst the busyness.

I have written plenty about that so I will stop talking and share my heart with a few pictures.

{I recently read a blog post about having your camera set up to take pictures of you in your day to day lives with your kids… I loved the idea and here’s our result!}


{A test picture}


{Hailee Grace sharing one of her favorites, Bear wants More, with sister and mama~ Quite impressed by her memory}


{Mama’s turn, I love reading to them!}


{Claire gets REALLY into it. I love this stage!}


{Gah, she’s almost 5 months?!}


{And my Hailee girl… Insisted that THIS was the outfit for her at Costco. I was clearly wrong for thinking otherwise!}


{She spies the camera! She is so observant for a toddler… They see more than we think!}

That’s it for today.

A few snap shots of my favorite time with my daughters.

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