Oh Looking Back, You Make Me Smile!

Life is so good! I’ve been so struck with how much I’ve been blessed to experience already… Wow. Here’s my glimpse back tonight.

.2010. May. He proposed. Yeah I thought he was teasing me and I told him to knock it off. But we cleared that right up! ;-)


.2010. A little later. What a lucky girl am I?!

Ione Engagement Photos

.2011. On our wedding day.

2011 02 26 David & Kaitlyn Beuving 05-49

.2011. 3 months later. Pregnant with our first precious girl. He makes me laugh!


.2012. Hailee was here!


.2013. Pregnant. Again! Loving the family life.


.2013. Later. Claire Ruth was here.


.2014. Happier than ever. And I can only imagine how much more is ahead!!!


Just thankful for all I have been given so far.

*Professional photo’s – credit goes to Vince Murdock at Indigo Sky Photography.

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