My Parental Hypocrisy…

Kids are so cute. So funny. So adorable.

So creative! And adventurous.

They’re absolutely overflowing with energy, bursting at the seams with giggles and good ideas!

Especially mine… just making sure you all know how MUCH I adore my little one’s, before I move on…

While they are busy being all of these perfectly precious things, they are simultaneously, human beings…


And being human means, {if you’ll be honest with me a moment!} that sometimes, bubbling from deep down inside those untrained, little hearts, comes their true nature.

Revealing them to really be:

Bobble-headed, cherub-cheeked, miniature, SINFUL people wrapped in dough-baby bodies with an extra dollop of cuteness to top it all off!

I know. It seems terrible to say my kids are sinners.

But as young mom with one who has decided she hates bed time for the first time since her birth, and another, teething, who whimpers when she used to giggle, it has been quite in my face this past week.

I’m just going to say it like it is. My kids are human. Not perfect. They’re quite terrific little people, the BEST & CUTEST sinners in the world, in my opinion. But sinners just the same.

Like I said, it feels sacrilegious to put into writing that I don’t think that my kids are perfect. But it’s out there now, for all other mom’s who might take a moment to read this post to see! There’s a mommy rule book out there somewhere, and I just KNOW the first rule states:

“1. Thou shall not make any appearance of doubting your child’s perfection, esp. not in front of other mothers.”

But getting over this social pride is of great importance. This past week has revealed so much of what is wrong in me! And in order for me to even share this with others, we must first ALL admit that our kids are not perfect.


When I see my daughter throwing herself down on the ground, screaming because I want her to go put on her rain boots AS WELL AS socks!!!! {Of all things!} At first, I get angry. How could she treat me like this? All I’m doing is trying to keep her warm, for Pete’s sake!

Or when all the baby will eat is bacon and chocolate cookies, I am embarrassed. Because up until this point, there hasn’t been a baby in town who eats as much as she will!

When we spend an hour and a half every night, fighting to put one of them to sleep, to be honest I’m offended. Seriously. I have worked hard today. I haven’t seen another adult in 12 hours! I feel I have earned this time alone.


But who am I?  WHO DO I THINK I AM?!

“Hello! I’m the world’s only perfect child. I never offended my parents. Never embarressed them.”* And that’s just my earthly mother and father. What about my Heavenly Father? Surely i’ve always been perfectly sweet, respectful and obedient towards Him?! I would NEVER throw myself into an embarrassing tantrum, insisting NO HE CAN’T tell ME what to do! *

That would just be rude. And I wouldn’t lower myself to that standard. * Right?

Oh…. Oh so SO SOOOOO far from true!

There have been entire afternoons where I can’t function without the being held by Him. There have been months of my life where I’ve rebelled and thrown a fit, being decidedly against everything He says.

Yet He loves me despite it all. He disciplines, most certainly! But He loves. And forgives. He is full of grace, and patience. And He is the ultimate perfect parent.

While He was being the picture perfect parent with ease, I was busy being the picture perfect terrible child, He was Loving, Firm, Forgiving, and Just.

Now that’s embarrassing!

-2 Corinthians 12:9-

So to wrap it up. My kids are not perfect. I was not the perfect child. I am far from the perfect mother.

But I do have the perfect example. And I am so thankful He loves me through my bad times. I would be doomed without His Grace, and my kids would be doomed to life with the worst mom, if I didn’t have his perfection to aspire towards!!!

{And for those moments when I don’t feel like trying quite so hard, I have an extra large dose of embarrassing hypocrisy to smack me off my high horse!}


* Please note all areas with sarcasm ;-)

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