Too Busy Chasing Memories…

This is my September 2014, photo a day blog. The 2nd half of the month is where my favorites are! At least take the time to see those. They warm my Mama heart! <3

If anyone happened to notice that I stopped posting pictures on Facebook for the month of September, here’s why:

I am so tired of being addicted to social media.

I was tired of the habit of always snapping a quick picture of every single thing my kids did. ( I mean. Really. They do so MANY adorable things.)

Stopping their child-like fun with the words of “Hold on let Mommy take a picture!” How dare I? So not worth it!!! It is time to chill. I was wasting so much time. Missing out on so much REAL LIFE, constantly being behind a camera. Always too busy chasing the preservation of memories to actually make any memories worth preserving. 

I’m tired of being afraid of my kids growing up. Tired of worrying that I’m wasting the precious time I have been given. Well, I finally realized that this obsession our generation has with preserving every little detail is one of the biggest culprits stealing our joy.

Let’s just enjoy life. Let’s take a picture when it’s convenient. And when we do, let it be for the joy of simply enjoying photography. Quit saying it’s for our kids sake. Because truly, THEY DON’T CARE. Won’t ever care. (At least not as much as we think they will!) Let kids be kids and stop letting the obsession take that from them. Be there with them, and enjoy the time. The memories we mutually hold in our hearts will eventually be the only ones we care about.

All that said… I decided to dedicate this month to taking one picture a day. One small chunk of time where, as my kids played sweetly, I would quietly get my camera out, and with as little interruption as possible, I would enjoy photographing them. It allowed me time to truly capture images that are precious to me without disrupting the flow of their day (and also broke the habit of relying on my phone for photos. So nice to use my camera again!). It also allowed me to spend proper time editing those pictures. It reminded me of my love of black & white that Instagram just can’t satisfy. ;-) It’s quite a stress relief for me to sit and edit a few pictures a week. And I believe it’s good for a mom to have an outlet like that. This is mine. Here’s to enjoying photography again!


This post is filled with precious, cute new things my girls are doing, which I’m sure you’re ALL so eager to read. ;) If you ARE one who likes those updates, read on.

August 31st. That Time Hailee Thought She was at a Nude Beach!


September 1st. The Day We Backpacked Our Kids up to Angora Lake (Tahoe, CA)

wpid-20140901_152040.jpgSeptember 2nd. The Gardeners with more “Hop-a-pen-yo’s” than Tomatoes.


September 3rd. Being at the Park.


September 4th. The One where Hailee Cleans My House.

IMG_2285edit1September 5th. Claire Discovers Bracelets.


September 6th. The One Where the Toddlers LOVE Airplanes.


September 7th. When Hailee Wouldn’t Wake.


September 8th. The Inevitable. Claire turns 1!


September 9th. The Sisters Play Sweetly!


September 10th. “Lift the Flaps” & Hailee’s Winnie the Pooh Obsession.


September 11th. The Key to Toddler Happiness: “Those Pom-gan Things”.


September 12th. The Day I couldn’t handle Dinner and bought a Pizza.


September 13th. Bedhead. 


September 14th. BIG Birthday Bash

IMG_2688editSeptember 15th. Eating Apple Donuts & My favorite Apple Hill trip to Date. 


September 16th. The Day They Helped themselves to Apples.


September 17th.  The Highlighter.


September 18th. Evening Walks.


September 19th. Everyone’s Favorite Time of Day. 


September 20th.  The One with the Youth Group Event.


September 21st. I Adore having Daughters <3


September 22nd. That Sexy Smart Guy who Works here at Night ;-)


September 23rd. Babies are Happiest Outside. All the Time!


September 24th. Party Time = Bath Time!


September 25th.  The First Rainy Day.


September 26th. Hailee Questions Claire, “Whyyyy won’t you kiss me?”


September 27th. Exhausted but Has an Awesome Daddy!


September 28th. Sunday Traditions… In September that means watching the 49ers!


September 29th. Walks to See the Cows!


Septebemer 30th. Serious Morning Game of Memory. 


In the end… Don’t I have the cutest kids? ;) I might do this again next month. It was so refreshing to take and edit nice pictures on my camera!  I broke the habit of whipping my phone out every single opportunity for a picture. I rather  prefer life now! This doesn’t mean I’ll never post a picture again on Facebook, but I sure hope it stops being such a habit. Thanks for looking!


  1. Paula Nelson says:

    September 30, 2014 at 12:24 pm

    You are a very wise and talented young woman. I so enjoyed all the pictures. My favorites where the bracelets and the makeup brush.

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