My Family


My name is Kaitlyn… I am a believer in Jesus Christ, a wife of 3 years to David, and a stay at home mom. I have a passion for being the best wife &  mommy I can be, and cooking when I get the time! I also has an interest in photography (which I don’t always have the time to pursue or perfect the way I would like!) ;o) So, often, the pictures on my blog are taken on my phone… Definitely easier to access regularly while scrubbing little hands, kissing little cheeks, and trying to clean up the kitchen after my last cooking endeavour!


Thanks for coming to check out my blog. I am working on expanding my range of topics right now. As life is changing for me and my family is growing, I have been coming upon a lot of various topics I feel I want to start blogging about. I’m excited you took the time to come check out feed-mini-and-me and hope you’ll be patient as it grows!

Now about that family!!!

This is my husband. He is my hero. My love. And the man I will love for the rest of my life!


(^ One helpful little piece of trivia… He likes to cook too! And he’s good at it! Lately he’s been making these amazing mushrooms… I’ll have to share it! But basically he’s part of the reason I have to cook the good stuff I do. If I always keep it simple, he’ll out shine me… A little competition is healthy!)


He is also the amazing daddy to my two beautiful daughters…

Hailee Grace, who is 2 and a half.


and Claire Ruth who just turned 1 year.


These two are what I invest most of my time. I love them dearly!


I will write about me every day experiences, documenting my daughters’ childhoods, and other thoughts that are dear to my heart… Having daughters, loving your husband, following the Lord, and cooking as necessary!I hope you enjoy what you see here! Feel free to leave comments with questions or any other thoughts. Thanks for checking us out!