Hi! My name is Kaitlyn.

This is my blog where I inconsistently write about my life.

Which… to sum it up, is basically an endless effort to keep up with the amount of crazy in my home.

There’s 5.

5 crazies.

Life is changing constantly and my family has been growing, I have been expanding my writing topics.

I started this blog back when I was pregnant with my second daughter.

Since then, we have had a third daughter, and her birth brought a lot of changes to our family. (I’ll share a bit more on that on her own page.)

You may notice a shift in everything I write about if you click through some of the older stuff.

Priorities change as life changes right?

Now about that family!!!

This is my husband. He’s my favorite person, we got married really young (2011) and it’s been super … crazy? I feel like I’ve beens saying that word a LOT! We like crazy!

He is the amazing daddy to our three daughters…

Hailee. Claire. Evie.

These beauties are where I invest all of my time. I love them!

I write about our every day… Being mom, marriage, faith, special needs parenting, and cooking as necessary!