Cinnamon-Apple Dutch Baby

In David’s words “We obviously love Dutch babies!” Haha… (He’s dutch.. we have lots of babies… Dad joke, anyone?!) Even though I over cooked it a little bit, it was interesting how the dark edges didn’t get hard and dry like I was worried they would. They just got a crispy edge, while staying chewy inside. Top … [Read more…]

Dumb Rice

A favorite. My kids call it by the endearing name “Chicken and Rice”. Someone else I know calls it “Dumb Rice.” Not quite as endearing. So you choose what you want to call it. Which ever you pick probably says a lot about your personality (See what I named this recipe? Not so endearing. Ya, that … [Read more…]

Claire is 1!

Claire Ruth! You sure didn’t get my permission to have a birthday today! You probably got permission from Dad, he loves watching you girls grow up! So do I but sometimes I get all nostalgic and want this back… But then I look at THIS gorgeous face!

There’s This Awesome Man I Know…

To anyone else who chooses to read this- this counts towards your weekly dose of mushy! 😉 So there’s this awesome man I know… And who doesn’t want to know when there’s an awesome guy around? Well I know of one… He’s handy.  He’s hot. Just plain good to have around. Ready to help, and … [Read more…]

A Life Giving Breeze

“The Bible and biblical truth blew through every conversation- not with stifling heat, but like a refreshing, life giving breeze.” –Tedd Tripp Too often as a child, I wondered why I was watching others raised in Christian families, rebel against the fundamentals taught. Now as I am working to teach my own young girls, I … [Read more…]

Italian Sausage Sauté on Pasta

This is a dinner I have thrown together once a week for the past two weeks… And I’m planning it again tomorrow! I tend to prefer pasta dishes that are full of cheese and cream but… Claire-Roo can’t handle cheese so I have been forced to expand! This meal is basic, and yummy!

Encouraging a Frustrated Mama’s Heart

I know most mothers (and fathers!) would agree with the thought that it is good for the children when parents read to them. I then wonder how many of those people have experienced what I did today- when it was good for ME when I read to my child. Here’s how it went…