There’s This Awesome Man I Know…

To anyone else who chooses to read this- this counts towards your weekly dose of mushy! 😉

So there’s this awesome man I know…

And who doesn’t want to know when there’s an awesome guy around?

Well I know of one…

He’s handy.  He’s hot.

Just plain good to have around.

Ready to help, and easy to please.

Happy to eat good food,

and hard to bring down.






He’s an easy going guy, with a thoughtful streak.

Ready for anything that comes with a smile.

He has an loud, laugh-track-worthy laugh that everyone recognizes…

He’s the friend you want by your side when going through trials.






He’s easy to be friends with,

And there when you need him.

He’s a man among men.

Someone who stands up for what he believes in.



He’s a one woman man,

and who wouldn’t want that?

I will warn you though,

he will always pick a dog

don’t try to convince him to get a cat!


He’s the best kind of leader.

One who puts others first,

He can reason well, think rationally,

Use his head, along with his heart.

And although he won’t brag, I’m here to announce:

He can play the guitar and he’s rather quite smart.


He has the best eyes,

grows an awesome beard.

Looks good in a beanie,

and is OK with being weird!


You’re probably wondering where

one can find such an awesome guy.

And well, sorry, but I couldn’t help you,

Even if I tried.

Because there isn’t another quite as good as this one,

And he’s all mine!


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